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Change Log

Enconvo 1.9.0 (2024-04-24)

What's New ?

  • Internet Browsing: Add Internet Browsing Providers: Azure Bing Search Engine, Google Cloud Search Engine, Tavily, Exa, You Search, SerpApi , learn more : Internet Browsing Providers

  • Knowledge Base : Create a knowledge base from a whole website, learn more : Knowledge Base

  • Knowledge Base : Now you can install a Knowledge Base Extension from the extension store.

  • TTS Providers : Add new TTS Providers : Edget TTS, System TTS, Microsoft Azure TTS, OpenAI TTS, ElevenLabs TTS , learn more : TTS Providers

  • Link Read Aloud: Read aloud the content of a link , just @Link Read Aloud

  • Chat With Link: Chat With a Link , just @Chat With Link

  • Summarize Webpage: Summarize the content of a webpage , just @Summarize Webpage

  • Summarize Document: Summarize the content of a Document , just @Summarize Document

  • Save as Audio File: Save Any text or Document as an audio file , just @Save As Audio File

  • Link Reader Providers: Add Link Reader Providers : JinaAI,Trafilatura,GPT API Link Reader,EnconvoAI , for read content of a link.

  • LLM Providers: Add LLM Providers : Cohere AI .

  • Embedding Providers: Add Embedding Providers : PremAI,Voyage AI,Cohere AI .

What's Improvements ?

  • Chat With Document: Optimize interaction experience .

  • Internet Browsing: Optimize interaction experience .