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Enconvo is the Launcher of the AI era, the entry point for all AI functions, and a thoughtful intelligent assistant.

Through Enconvo, you can:

Use AI functions in any applicationUse AI functions without switching applications
Extension StoreInstall and use a rich and powerful AI plugin through the Extension Store to meet your various needs
Tool UsageYou can choose which tools Assistant can use to help you complete your work. All extensions in the Extension Store can be used as tools by Assistant.
Speak to AssistantBased on OpenAI's Whisper model, you can now have voice conversations with an AI assistant.
Create a knowledge baseCreate a knowledge base based on the current document, and dialogue & summarize with the AI assistant
Convert website to knowledge baseDownload and convert the entire website into a knowledge base, and dialogue & summarize with the AI assistant
Internet BrowsingSimplify the search process, let AI help you automatically 'google it' and give you the final answer
Code InterpreterLet AI automate your work by executing script programs
Text-to-Speech (TTS)Let AI have the ability to speak, and use TTS to convert any text or document into speech
Context awarenessEnconvo can obtain the context of the current application and provide more intelligent AI services based on the context
Function ProvidersThrough Enconvo's functionality providers, you can choose from a variety of service providers, supporting almost all major LLM, TTS, and Internet Search Providers.
PopBarPopBar allows you to quickly use functions based on the text selected by the mouse.
Local LLMEnconvo allows you to use local models through Ollama and L M Studio while respecting your data privacy and security.
CustomizableEnconvo provides a highly customizable features, allowing you to customize the your own workflow for your special needs.
More featuresMore features are waiting for you to discover

Why Enconvo?

If you want:

  • To integrate seamlessly with macOS, to leverage AI functionality in various applications

  • Use rich and powerful AI plugins from Plugin Store to meet your various needs

  • Maintain your own local knowledge base and leverage the power of AI to interact with documents.

  • Automate your work, improve work efficiency, and have more time to do more meaningful things through AI.

  • An AI app that supports highly customizable functions, including keyboard shortcuts and more params.

  • An UI to use local LLMs

  • Then, Enconvo is a great option for your needs. Enconvo is now being used daily by tens of thousands of users worldwide, and the user count continues to grow every day.



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