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Getting started

Getting Started


I will guide you through a few steps to help you quickly use Enconvo.

Download & Install

Click Here To Download

Start Enconvo


Grant Accessibility Permissions & Set Global Shortcut

You can use the shortcut: Shift + Command + D to open the Smarbar to quickly use Enconvo's features.

Locale Dropdown


Enconvo requires Accessibility permissions to enable context-aware capabilities to provide more intelligent AI services. For example, when you are using a browser, Enconvo can obtain the current page's URL and provide more intelligent AI services based on the URL.

Smart Bar


Use the Smart Bar to quickly use Enconvo's features From Anywhere


  • You can use signle @ symbol to select a extension, then press Enter to execute the extension.

  • If you use two @@ symbols, that extension will be used as the default extension.

Chat Window


Use the Chat Window to manage chat history with all LLMs & extensions

Open the chat window through the shortcut: Option + Command + D or Menu Bar.

Chat Widnow


The Chat Window can be minimized and placed anywhere on the screen, making it convenient for you to view the chat history at any time during work.

Chat Widnow

All The Other Features

Check out the features page to learn more about all the features Enconvo has to offer.